Jaffa Flea Market

Hustling and haggling among customers and sellers are typical scenes and actions you can witness at Shuk – Jaffa Flea Market in Tel Aviv, Israel. Even on a very hot day, especially during the summertime, locals and tourists alike flock steadily to the place, all with high hopes of stumbling on any item that’s really worth a buy. Indeed, in this flea market one can really find great buys.

There are good conditioned bikes, trolleys and even segways which can be had at prices half or even much less than the original. One can purchase signature jeans, shirts and shoes from stalls, particularly those located in the middle of the market. There are old toys, CDs, trinkets and commonplace items that are up for sale. Certainly, each of these items are just waiting for the right customer to buy them. They might be junk to their previous owners but can be treasure to another.

Definitely this summer is a welcome season for the Pishpeshim sellers as the hot, sweltering days of Israel are ideal times for people to go and spend some time at this Jaffa’s flea market. Actually, the market, with all its noisy and brisk buying and selling activities, is situated on open air. For those who eventually get tired of the roaming around and scouring the market for attractive goods to buy, they can have their fill at some of the nice restaurants found within the flea market itself and around the vicinity.

There is the Dr.Shakshuka’s Restaurant, known to be one of the top food establishments in Tel Aviv, which is found just on the border of Pishpeshim area and a block away from Yefet Street. There are also hotdog and meat sandwich stands along Yefet and three shawarma restaurants as well.

While sunny season means brisk business for Pishpeshim sellers, rainy days definitely spell zero business nd profit, as vendors automatically rush to pack their wares at even the slightest presence of drizzle. However, there are days when rains can be tricky and pour fast and hard on the wares of sellers who are caught off-guard. Some who didn’t have the time to pack end up with wet items, which they most likely will still try to sell – but of course with rock bottom prices.

Hopefully, Tel Aviv-Yafo authorities will decide on providing rain-proof protection for a good portion of the flea market; it will serve as effective shelter to the goods of Pishpeshim vendors during rainy season.